Why people enrage me


I post about how awful the government is quite a lot as I’m sure you’ll have seen. But do you know what infuriates me more than our government? All of you. Unless its a picture of a teenagers baby or someone’s dinner you all ignore it. Our government are killing people, taking what little money people have, letting sex offenders keep images of their victims and you all are just too wrapped up in your tiny little existences to notice it. Peoples lives are being destroyed right in front of you and no one gives a damn. One day it’ll be you who loses everything and there will be no one left to fight for you because you were to busy playing flappy bird to see your country dissolve around you. I am disgusted I know so many ignorant people who chose to ignore what is happening. Delete me, send me abuse I don’t care and you know why? Because none of you care.
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Guy Standing on IDS’ Personal Welfare Dependency


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I found this description of Iain Duncan Smith’s hypocrisy in orchestrating a reduction in state support for the poor, while doing all he personally can to gain as much of it himself in Guy Standing’s A Precariat Charter: From Denizens to Citizens (London: Bloomsbury 2014):

Iain Duncan Smith, UK Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, has led a robust campaign against benefits for the poor and precariat, saying he is determined to reduce state dependency and end the ‘something for nothing’ culture. Meanwhile, his own state dependency dwarfs that of any of his targets. A trust run by members of his family has received over £1 million in EU agricultural subsidies in the past decade, in addition to the various tax breaks farmers receives, courtesy of an estate of 1,500 acres inherited by his wife. The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy is regressive, since the primary beneficiaries are large landowners…

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Why I’m doing this…


Hello there!

I wanted to start this blog, simply because I am so sick of our government and the way it gets away with treating us all. But even more than that because no one is paying attention to it. No one cares that over 13 millions people in the UK are in poverty. No one cares that people are starving to death and dying on our streets. No one cares that 78% of our MPs are millionaires (only 0.7% of the entire population of Britain are millionaires by the way). And no one cares that no one is doing anything about these crimes.

Too many people don’t want to get involved in it. Too many people won’t pay any attention to what is happening around them till it’s happening to them, and by then it’s too late to do anything about it.

I can’t stand by and say nothing for a day longer.

This blog will mostly be filled with me ranting. I just hope that those rants get through to you and inspire you to want to do something about it to.

Change needs to happen but it will not happen until we make it happen.

I beg you all to open your eyes and see what is really going on. And then to stop it.